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In August 2018, YOBOS welcomed back the production team from The Wedding Singer as they took on the hit show - Rock of Ages. The show, put together as always in just one week, involved over 40 talented young performers and theatre technicians and was an outstanding display of skills. The show proved to be a hit with audiences and members!


Drew Boley - Nathan Shaw

Sherrie Christian - Amelia Haverson       

Anita Bath - Zara Walton

Dennis Dupree - Theo Cumming

Hilda Klinemann - Saskia Mollard

Franz Klinemann - Will Healy

Lonny Barnett - Connor Marron

Stacee Jaxx - Jack Sharkey

Justice Charlier - Holly Chandler

Mayoress - Chloe Riley

Constance Sack - Natalie Hunt

Sherrie’s Mother - Phoebe Brogden

Ja’Keith Gill/Sherrie’s Father - Joe Canning

Joey Primo - Ciaran Mates

Singing Waitresses - Caitlin Gold, Ava Butler, Alice Colmer, Katie Crowther, Cheneice White

Protestor 1 - Rachel McLean

Sleazier Record Producer - Hannah Bryer

Protestor 3 - Dhahabu Karansa

Rocker - Matt Rea

Mugger - Luke Bonner

Guitarist - Jasmine Popoola-Adkins

Lead Guitarist - Camron Northcote



Eleanor Birch, Luke Bonner, Hannah Bryer, Ava Butler, Alice Colmer, Katie Crowther, Eleanor Fairley, Caitlin Gold, Anna Hassell, Natalie Hunt, Isabelle Lester, Ciaran Mates, Rachel McLean, Camron Northcote, Jasmine Popoola-Adkins, Marlie Popoola-Adkins, Saffron Popoola-Adkins, Chloe Reilly, Thalia Shadbolt, Chloe Sharman-Moss, Cheneice White, Natalie Yeap

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