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August 2019 saw YOBOS stage one of musical theatre's most ambitious and well known musicals - 42nd Street! Performing to three sell out audiences, the cast and team worked incredibly hard, learning the multiple big musical numbers! The whole compnay was taught how to tap which led to multiple standing ovations at every performance! We were honoured to win NODA's Regional Youngstars Award for Best Youth Musical for this production.


We could not be more proud of what the YOBOS 2019 cohort achieved in one week!


Peggy Sawyer - Misty Griffin

Billy Lawlor - Alfie Blackwell

Dorothy Brock - Lauren Barlow

Julian Marsh - Connor Marron

Pat Denning - Jack Sharkey

Maggie - Chloe Reilly 

Bert - Ciaran Mates

Annie - Keeley Thompson

Mac/Doctor/Soloist - Ben Pattinson

Phyllis - Natalie Hunt

Lorraine - Katie Crowther

Andie  - Alice Colmer

Gladys - Zara Walton

Florence - Caitlin Gold

Diane - Izzy Palmer

Abner Dillon - Will Healy

Olivia (gender swapped Oscar) - Phoebe Brogden

Tap Dancing Waiter - Colm Forde

Stagehand/Other Vocal Parts - Alex Wyllie-Howkins

Thug 1 - Hannah Bryer

Thug 2 - Megan Veres

Sunny Side Singers ( and additional dialogue) - Hannah Bryer, Ava Butler, Kira Duckworth, Isabelle Lester, Ben Pattinson, Eleanor Plater, Natalie Yeap and others to be confirmed later


Lead Dancers

Named Dancing Girls (Annie, Phyllis, Lorraine, Andie, Ethel, Gladys, Florence and Diane), Ava Butler, Eleanor Fairley, Anna Hassell, Isabelle Lester, Ellen McCulloch, Thalia Shadbolt, Chloe Sharman-Moss



Phoebe Brogden, Hannah Bryer, Kira Duckworth, Colm Forde, Dhahabu Karanja, Ben Pattinson, Eleanor Plater, Natalia Plater, Reagan Sellers, Georgia Smith, Megan Veres, Alex Wyllie-Howkins, Natalie Yeap

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