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Everybody's Talking About Jamie: Teen Edition


For their 20th Anniversary YOBOS wowed Banbury audiences by staging the new hit musical, Everybody's Talking About Jamie.

This empowering and inspiring musical received overwhelming responses from our audiences who praised the production values, talent on show, and particularly the heart, humour and characters in the show. 

With huge musical numbers and a touching story, the incredible cast and crew of YOBOS truly rose to the occasion to create something that left audiences spellbound. We could not be more proud of this show, the people involved and the message we helped spread about acceptance and belonging.


Jamie New: Rushay Miller 

Margaret New: Misty Griffin

Pritti Pasha:  Katie Crowther

Ray: Lana Penney

Hugo Battersby (aka Loco Chanelle): Billy Lambert

Miss Hedge: Izzy Hudson

Dean Paxton / John: Andrew Docherty

Laika Virgin / Mickey: Aaron Sharman-Moss

Sandra Bollock: Niamh Wilkinson

Tray Sophisticay / Cy: Alex Wyllie-Howkins

Wayne New / Sayid: Myron Byfield

Levi: Theo Langley

Becca: Grace Evans

Bex: Ottilie Hedley

Vicki: Evie Sharman-Moss

Fatimah: Juliet Williamson

Young Margaret Dancer: Caitlin Gold

Young Loco: Amelia Hadley

John's 'Other Woman': Isabel Conway

Thug : Bethan Davies

Thug: Annabelle Simms

Thug: Caterina Williams 

Ensemble / Dancers:

Abigail Jones, Amelia Hadley, Anaiya Conroy-Smith, Anna Raygada, Annabelle Simms, Bethan Davies,, Caitlin Gold, Cassia Johnston, Caterina Williams, Darcey Boardman, Eadie Bryant, Ellen McCulloch, Emma Blackburn, Harriet Lester, Holly Melzack, Iris Purkins, Isabel Conway, Katie Melzack, Kitty Russell, Lily Conway, Niamh Wilkinson,, Perdita Fawcett-Shapland, Pippa Johnstone, Rachel Burch, Serena Williams, 

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