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After having to delay the production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, YOBOS returned with a bang in 2021 with In the Heights. Regarded as one of musical theatre's toughest productions to stage, the incredible young cast, crew and team worked immensely hard to create a spectacular production despite the ongoing pandemic. The performance included immersive seating to allow for social distancing and a street market before each performance. With four sell out shows and rave reviews, the cast truly embodied their roles and told a touching story of family, culture and loss.  The show will stay in the hearts of many of us for a long time! We could not be more proud!


Usnavi - Jonas Bal

Nina Rosario - Elissa Xiourouppas

Benny - Alfie Blackwell

Vanessa - Izzy Palmer

Sonny- Rushay Miller

Abuela Claudia- Chloe Reilly

Kevin Rosario - Jago Fowler

Camilla Rosario - Niamh Wilkinson

Daniella - Zara Walton

Carla - Katie Crowther

Jose - Charlie Cox

Bolero Singer - Grace Evans

Graffiti Pete - Myron Byfield

Rival Piragua Guys - Will Healy and Alex Wyllie-Howkins

Yolanda  - Sophie Liggins

Gabriella - Caitlin Gold

Martina - Alice Colmer

Elena - Misty Griffin

Catalina - Hannah Bryer

Maria - Juliet Williamson

Juanita - Kira Duckworth 

Josephina - Kitty Russell

Antonia - Tilly Palmer

Lucia - Evie Sharman-Moss

Tourists - Otillie Hedley and Maddie Prewer

Chorus: Emily Clack, Ellen McCulloch, Chloe Sharman-Moss and Dotty Newman


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