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School of Rock

YOBOS WEEK: 10th - 18th August 2023


A HUGE congratulations to everyone who auditioned. You made it incredibly tricky and there were lots of things to factor in. We will ensure we use all your talents in the show though so don't worry. We will be in touch soon regarding the first workshop where we can't wait to start rocking with you all.


Note that most 'Adults' will also play Kids in various numbers as well! 

Dewey Finn - Myron Byfield

Rosalie Mullins - Misty Griffin

Ned Schneebly - Alex Hanke

Patty Di Marco - Izzy Hudson

Mr Mooneyham / Mr Sanders - Alex Wyllie-Howkins 

Theo  / Mr Janes - Joseph Fletcher

Mrs Sheinkopf / Jess Sanderson - Niamh Wilkinson

Gabby Brown - Skye Westworth

Mrs Hathaway /  Miss Gordon - Ottilie Hedley

Mr WIlliams / Mr Wagner - Aaron Sharman-Moss

Mr Spencer / Mr Woodard -  Milo Phillips 

Mrs Hamilton / Miss Macapugay - Lily Conway

Mrs Sandford - Bethan Davies

Policeman - Isla Armstrong

Mrs Turner - Caterina Williams 

Mrs Travis - Charlotte Crawford

Miss Bingham - Kitty Russell

Bob - Emma Blackburn 

Doug - Rachel Burch

Stanley - Annabelle Simms

Snake - Serena Williams

Mrs Noble - Lucy Blackburn

Mrs Green -   Darcey Boardman


Zack (Guitarist) - Lucas Evans

Summer (Manager & Violin) - Ava Lea-James

Freddie (Drummer) - Toby Killick 

Lawrence (Keyboard) - Ieuan Davies

Katie (Bass) - Amelia Hadley

Tomika (Vocalist) - Evie Sharman-Moss 

Billy (Costume Designer) - Max Warland 

Shonelle (Vocalist) - Daisy Irvine

Marcy (Vocalist) - Izzy Conway

Chantelle (Vocalist) - Bethany Wimbush

Harley (Vocalist) - Iris Purkins 

Mason (Special Effects) - Daisy Yates

James (Security) - Ted Lyons

Sophie (Roadie) - Philippa Johnstone

Madison (Roadie) - Alex Babb

Girl 1 (in song 'Mount Rock') - Anaiya Conroy-Smith

Girl 2 (in song 'Mount Rock') - Matilda Herbert 



Abigail Jones, Anna Raygada, Darcey Boardman, Eadie Bryant,  Ellen McCulloch & Katie Messer



Ben Evans, Carys Davies, Georgia Brown, Melody Watts, Verity Williams & various 'Adult Characters' listed above with also be in ensemble numbers.


Abigail Evans, Astro Clack, Claudia Mitchell, Fraser MacLean, Frederick Rushby, Isabella Malhi, Jesse Bailey, Oliver Woodward, 



Based on the hit 2003 film, School of Rock follows Dewey Finn, a failed wannabe rock star who is down on his luck. After Dewey is kicked out of his band and threatened with eviction, his fortunes take a turn for the better when he intercepts a phone call meant for his flatmate, Ned Schneebly. He quickly decides to make a bit of cash and pose as Ned to take up a supply teaching post at Horace Green, a prestigious prep school.


At Horace Green, Dewey is horrified to discover that his straight-laced and straight-A students haven’t a clue about rock and roll and he makes it his mission to educate them. Dewey realises they are a talented bunch and decides to turn them into a rock band and enter the upcoming Battle of the Bands competition. However, he needs to do all of this away from the prying eyes of the school’s principal, Rosalie Mullins as well as the kids parents and other teachers who are confused by their new colleagues antics.


Along the way, Dewey finds romance, self-worth, a proper job and, most importantly, he teaches the children and their parents the beauty of rock!


DEWEY FINN is a guy with only one passion: rock and roll. Everything else is a mess. He means well, but he can’t seem to pay his rent, he’s a bit of a slob, and his dream of becoming a rock God is looking grim. After being ousted from his band, No Vacancy, Dewey is more lost than ever and poses as a substitute teacher at Horace Green Preparatory School. He teaches his students how to make music and learns that growing up and being responsible doesn’t have to mean giving up on his rock and roll dream. (rock tenor)


ROSALIE MULLINS serves Horace Green Preparatory School’s highest office as principal and though she begins the story as a consummate professional and seems tightly wound at all times, we learn quickly that she’s under a great deal of pressure. Rosalie eventually learns how to let her hair down and just listen to the music. (mezzo-soprano)


NED SCHNEEBLY is Dewey’s (seemingly nerdy!) best friend who’s given up his former rocker days for life as a grade schoolteacher. (baritone)


PATTY, Ned’s girlfriend, is the puppeteer for his new adult life. She is counting down the days for their third roommate, Dewey, to grow up and find his own apartment. She is confident and tough and the closest to a villain in the show.  (soprano)


ZACK is a student at the school and his skills on the electric guitar are out of this world - though his composition skills might even be better. Zack’s new song in Battle of the Bands proves that this kid is one of a kind, even if his father may be too busy at times to notice. (tenor)


LAWRENCE plays the keyboard even though he’s not sure he’s cool enough to be in the band. With a little inspiration from Dewey, Lawrence realises what’s cool is playing the keys.


KATIE, on bass guitar, uses her years of classical training on the cello to support the band. Who says classical cellists can’t play Zeppelin?


FREDDIE is a strait-laced kid with percussive ambitions. showing that the good kid who follows orders can also march to the beat of their own drum. (tenor)


TOMIKA is the starlet with the voice, but it’ll take a bit of courage to belt it all out, let alone speak in class. She’s the new kid in school, and she’s struggling to find new friends among the many overachieving students. Luckily, with encouragement from the band, Tomika finds her place at the mic, front, and centre. (mezzo-soprano)


MARCY and SHONELLE are two young ladies who can do more than just carry a tune… they can rock it.


SUMMER is the manager of the band—a role that serves this young lady perfectly. She’s a firecracker and unafraid to tell the others, including Dewey, exactly what to do. (mezzo-soprano)


BILLY is the stylist of the group, and his interest in fashion is definitely not celebrated at home. Luckily, he’s got an outlet with the band and finds the perfect image for the School of Rock: Horace Prep uniform-chic. (tenor)


MASON is on tech, and there’s no doubt that his parents are tightening their hold on his studies. They love to remind him of their sacrifices for his education, but is all of it for him or for them? Mason’s got his own plans.


JAMES serves as security for the band, and he’s going to make sure no one messes with these rock stars in training.



Mrs. Sheinkopf

Mr. Noble

Mr. Green

Gabe Brown

Mr. Sanders

Ms. Gordon

Ms. Bingham

Mr. Woodward

Mr. Janes

Ms. Macapugay

Mr. Wagner



Mr. Mooneyham

Mrs. Hathaway

Mr. Williams

Mr. Spencer

Mr. Sandford

Mr. Ward

Mr. Hamilton

Mrs. Turner

Mrs. Travis



Jeff Sanderson – Manager of Battle of the Bands

Theo (No Vacancy Band Member)

Doug (No Vacancy Band Member)

Bob (No Vacancy Band Member)

Snake (No Vacancy Band Member)


Security Guard 1

Security Guard 2


YOBOS week is what all the workshops have been leading up to! One week to put on a fully staged, fully costumed and fully orchestrated musical. Throughout the week, the cast will learn the direction, choreography and music whilst helping our backstage members with building the set, preparing props and anything else that goes into making a musical!


YOBOS week takes place at Wykham Theatre at Wykham Park Academy. With over 200 seats, a fully operational lighting rig and a large stage, Wykham Theatre has been YOBOS home since the groups creation! 



Saturday 10th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Sunday 11th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Monday 12th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Tuesday 13th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Wednesday 14th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Thursday 15th Aug - 10am till 10.30pm

At 5pm all YOBOS members will receive a pizza for tea. At 6pm, the cast will get into costume and makeup and begin a dress rehearsal at 7.30pm

Friday 16th Aug - 10am till 10.30pm

Throughout the day, we will prepare for the show. At 6pm, the cast will get into costume and makeup and begin the show at 7.30pm

Saturday 17th Aug - 12pm till 10.30pm

YOBOS members will arrive midday and get into costume and makeup. They will then perform their matinee show at 2.30pm. After the show, they will have a break and then prepare for their final show at 7.30pm

Sunday 18th Aug - 12.00pm till 6.00pm

YOBOS members will clear the hall and takedown all set. Once this is done, the production team will thank those who were involved and give out gifts. They will then announce next year's show! After this, we will have a BBQ to celebrate and play some games! 


YOBOS isn't just for performers! We have a whole host of young talent behind the scenes as well. YOBOS is proud to be a group for young people, by young people.


We have places open for anyone who wishes to be involved in our shows, but not necessarily on the stage. These roles include:

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Backstage Management

  • Band Members

  • Set Design

  • Hair

  • Makeup

  • Costume

  • Publicity

  • Front of House

  • Production Assistant

  • Anything else YOU can think of!

If this appeals to you, then please come along to one of our events to speak to us. You can also  contact us on Facebook, or email us!

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