YOBOS WEEK: 6th - 14th August 2022


Applications to take part in Kipps should be completed by Sunday 15th May.  Auditions then take place on Sunday 22nd May 2022 at Christopher Rawlins Primary School.


The information letter handed out at the Taster Day can be found at the link below. Please ensure you have read this letter thoroughly. 

If you would like to be part of this incredible production, then please fill out the online audition form at the link below by SUNDAY 15TH MAY 2022:

Audition material can be found at the link below. Everyone will do the audition dance in small groups.  If you have any issues accessing the material then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

If you only wish to be considered for the ensemble or dance team, you will take part in a group audition - a dance and a song. The audition material for this can be found at the link above.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can't wait to see you!

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Arthur Kipps, an orphan, is an over-worked draper’s assistant at Shalford’s Bazaar, Folkestone, at the turn of the last century. He is a charming but ordinary young man who, along with his fellow apprentices, dreams of a better and more fulfilling world, but he likes his fun just like any other, except not quite. When Kipps unexpectedly inherits a fortune that propels him into high society, it confuses everything he thought he knew about life.

Watching him wrestle with his new identity is his childhood companion and not-quite girlfriend, Ann Pornick, who sees with dismay how Arthur is being made over in a new image by the beautiful and classy Helen Walsingham. She is always there with helpful hints on how Arthur could improve himself and make his life richer and more meaningful, if only he would believe in himself, and listen to her. Both of these young women love Arthur – there is no doubt about that – but which should he listen to? With the help of his friends, Arthur learns that if you want to have the chance of living the right life, you need to make the right choices.

This new stage version of Half A Sixpence, which returns to the H. G. Wells semi-autobiographical novel, “Kipps”, in order to reinvent the musical “Half a Sixpence” for the modern age, has a stellar creative team and reunites bookwriter Julian Fellowes with George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, the musical team that co-creator Cameron Mackintosh first put together to create the smash-hit stage adaptation of Mary Poppins with Disney. Julian Fellowes’ masterful adaptation returns the musical to its literary roots, in a timeless and contemporary way, and Stiles and Drewe’s brilliantly infectious new score harnesses the David Heneker classics with a joyous verve.


Arthur Kipps

An Apprentice Shopman at Shalford's Bazaar. A 'simple soul'. Strong acting, voice and dance required.

Ann Pornick

Arthur's childhood companion

Helen Walsingham

Educated, classy and beautiful

Mrs Walsingham

Helen's Mother. Fussy, tiresome, full of self-importance

Sid Pornick

An Apprentice at Shalford's Bazaar. Ann's brother. A Socialist.


An Apprentice at Shalford's Bazaar. A dandy.


An Apprentice at Shalford's Bazaar. A pessimist

Flo Evans

Head window dresser at Shalford's Bazaar

Harry Chitterlow

An actor, playwright and impressario 

Mr Shalford

Portly, middle-aged proprietor of Shalford's Bazaar

James Walsingham

Helen's Brother. A financial advisor

Lady Punnet

Wealthy friend of Mrs Walsingham


The floor-walker at Shalford's Bazaar

Aunt Susan Kipps

Arthur's aunt

Uncle Bert Kipps

Arthur's uncle


Lady Punnet's butler

Lady Dacre

Well-to-do friend of Lady Punnet

Mrs Bindo-Botting

Well-to-do friend of Lady Punnet

Mr Maxwell

An architect


Sid's fiancée 


The scene stealing wedding photographer who can't resist a drink


Shoppers, Crowd, Party Guests, Waiters, Posh Ladies and Gentlemen on the Promenade, Wedding Party Guests, Mildred (Mrs Walisingham's maid), etc. 


YOBOS week is what all the workshops have been leading up to! One week to put on a fully staged, fully costumed and fully orchestrated musical. Throughout the week, the cast will learn the direction, choreography and music whilst helping our backstage members with building the set, preparing props and anything else that goes into making a musical!


YOBOS week takes place at Wykham Theatre at Wykham Park Academy. With over 200 seats, a fully operational lighting rig and a large stage, Wykham Theatre has been YOBOS home since the groups creation! 



Saturday 6th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Sunday 7th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Monday 8th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Tuesday 9th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Wednesday 10th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Thursday 11th Aug - 10am till 10.30pm

At 5pm all YOBOS members will receive a pizza for tea. At 6pm, the cast will get into costume and makeup and begin a dress rehearsal at 7.30pm

Friday 12th Aug - 10am till 10.30pm

Throughout the day, we will prepare for the show. At 6pm, the cast will get into costume and makeup and begin the show at 7.30pm

Saturday 13th Aug - 12pm till 10.30pm

YOBOS members will arrive midday and get into costume and makeup. They will then perform their matinee show at 2.30pm. After the show, they will have a break and then prepare for their final show at 7.30pm

Sunday 14th Aug - 12.00pm till 6.00pm

YOBOS members will clear the hall and takedown all set. Once this is done, the production team will thank those who were involved and give out gifts. They will then announce next year's show! After this, we will have a BBQ to celebrate and play some games! 


YOBOS isn't just for performers! We have a whole host of young talent behind the scenes as well. YOBOS is proud to be a group for young people, by young people.


We have places open for anyone who wishes to be involved in our shows, but not necessarily on the stage. These roles include:

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Backstage Management

  • Band Members

  • Set Design

  • Hair

  • Makeup

  • Costume

  • Publicity

  • Front of House

  • Production Assistant

  • Anything else YOU can think of!

If this appeals to you, then please come along to one of our events to speak to us. You can also  contact us on Facebook, or email us!