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In 2012, YOBOS welcomed a brand new team as they performed the fantastic and colourful Seussical the Musical! Seeing a whole host of new young performers and theatre technicians.


The magic of Doctor Seuss came to Banbury when the YOBOS performed Seussical, based on the works of the famous wordsmith himself.

The story follows Horton the Elephant, who, when bathing one day, hears a cry for help. He soon discovers a tiny civilisation, The Whos, living on a speck of dust. He promises to look after them and carefully places them on a clover which he carries everywhere. However, soon the other animals in the Jungle of Nool, led by the Sour Kangeroo and the Wickersham Brothers, begin to think Horton is crazy as they are unable to hear the Whos.

Soon Horton is an outcast with only Gertrude Mcfuzz, who has a secret crush on Horton, believing him. 


Cat in the Hat - Tom Carter
Horton the Elephant - Max Griffin
JoJo - Jamie Fell
Gertrude McFuzz - Lauren Hayden
Mayzie LaBird - Annabel Deakin
Sour Kangaroo - Ruth Draper
Mr Mayor - George Roberts
Mrs Mayor - Emily Sloan
General Ghengus Khan Schmitz - Joe Deakin
Bird Girls - Alice Finnie, Chloe Evans, Lauren Alexander, Eliza Deakin, Hannah Macey
Wickersham Brothers - Jack Watling, Charlie Finnie and Jake Plant
Yertle the Turtle - Claire Primrose
The Grinch - Sophie Herbert
Court Marshall - Ellie Macey
Thing 1 & 2 Emma Peters and Ruby Pearson
Vlad Vladikoff - Ellie-Mai Hicks
Colonel Twitz - Katie Johnson
Max the Dog - Matt Rea
Cindy Lou Who - Scarlet Gradwell
Circus Ring Mistress - Robyn Hughes

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