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In August 2016, YOBOS were one of the first youth groups in the country to perform Legally Blonde the Musical. The show, put together as always in just one week, involved over 50 talented young performers and technicians and was an outstanding display of skills. The show was a huge success with the audience praising the incredible performance put together in such a short space of time.


Elle Woods has it all: looks, fantastic friends and she’s dating the most popular boy in school, Warner. Confident that Warner is taking her out to propose to her, she is shocked when he dumps her for someone more 'serious.' Determined to win him back, Elle decides to prove she can also be serious and follows him to Harvard Law School, where her look and ditsy persona is at odds with the preppy law students. With the help of hair stylist Paulette, the teaching assistant Emmett, and her 'Greek Chorus’, Elle sets out to prove that you should never judge a book by its cover!


Elle Woods: Milly Taylor

Emmett Forrest: Max Griffin

Paulette Buonufonte: Clare Primrose

Warner Huntington III: George Sothcott

Professor Callahan: Luke Wetherill

Vivienne Kensington: Hannah Goodyear

Kyle/Dewey/ Frat Rapper: Connor Marron

Brooke: Scarlett Primrose

Enid: Maisie Berry

Margot: Amelia Haverson

Serena: Brittany Bain

Pilar: Jamie Fell

Kate: Chloe Reilly

Nikos/Padamadan/Violinist: Hal Wallis

Carlos/Winthrop/Salon Stylist: Isiah Rudkin

Aaron Schultz/Mr Woods: Theo Cumming

Mrs Woods/Cashier at Hair Affair: Izzie Wright

Grandmaster Chad: Myron Byfield

Lowell: Camron Northcote

Pforzheimer: Ciaran Mates

Chutney/Whitney: Zara Walton

Deloris (OMIGod You Guys Store Manager)/Judge: Maddie Thompson

Gaelen/DA Joyce Riley: Saskia Mollard

Courtney (OMIGod You Guys Shop Assistant): Neave Smith

Court Stenographer: Rachel McLean

Leilani/ Bookish Client (Bend and Snap Soloist - Cat Lady): Rachel Cox

TV Reporter: Sophie Liggins

Jet Blu Pilot: Matt Rea

Dana: Thalia Shadbolt



Vanessa Ankomah, Luke Bonner, Hannah Bryer, Myron Byfield, 


Rachel Cox, Raine Eastwick, Megs Glossop, Caitlin Gold, Misty Griffin, Anna Hassel, Zara Kimber, Isabelle Lester, Sophie Liggins, Esme Marley, Niamh Marley, Ciaran Mates, Beth McHale, Rachel McLean, Saskia Mollard, Camron Northcote, Anais Pardoe, Zara Parsons, Jasmine Popoola-Adkins, Marlie Popoola-Adkins, Beth Preston, Scarlett Primrose, Chloe Purdue, Matt Rea, Isiah Rudkin, Regan Sellers, Sydney Sellers, Thalia Shadbolt, Neave Smith, Ellie Stout, Maddie Thompson, Zara Walton, Izzie Wright

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