YOBOS WEEK: 7th - 15th August 2021


We know it is cliche, but we can honestly say that this has been the toughest set of auditions we have ever experienced. Every single person truly wowed us and we found it incredibly tough to cast - some roles took over an hour of discussion! You should all be so proud of yourselves - we are certainly proud of each and every one of you. We promise that we have thought of new and different ways to show off your talents in our exciting interpretation of the show which we can't wait to tell you about. We are also pleased to say that everyone who auditioned for a principal part has been given a specific vocal or spoken role straight from the script!

Congratulations to each and every single one of you. It's going to be an incredible show!

Usnavi - Jonas Bal

Nina Rosario - Elissa Xiourouppas

Benny - Alfie Blackwell

Vanessa - Izzy Palmer

Sonny- Rushay Miller

Abuela Claudia- Chloe Reilly

Kevin Rosario - Jago Fowler

Camilla Rosario - Niamh Wilkinson

Daniella - Zara Walton

Carla - Katie Crowther

Jose - Charlie Cox

Bolero Singer - Grace Evans

Graffiti Pete - Myron Byfield

Rival Piragua Guys - Will Healy and Alex Wyllie-Howkins

Yolanda  - Sophie Liggins

Gabriella - Caitlin Gold

Martina - Alice Colmer

Elena - Misty Griffin

Catalina - Hannah Bryer

Maria - Juliet Williamson

Juanita - Kira Duckworth 

Josephina - Kitty Russell

Antonia - Tilly Palmer

Lucia - Evie Sharman-Moss

Tourists - Otillie Hedley and Maddie Prewer

Chorus: Emily Clack, Ellen McCulloch, Chloe Sharman-Moss and Dotty Newman



Keep an eye on your emails! We will be in touch soon regarding July's Workshop Weekend where you will be given your scripts, start work on some of the show and hear all about our exciting interpretation of the production! The Workshop Weekend is scheduled for 17th and 18th July at Christopher Rawlins Primary School.

Please be sure to review the key information on this page including the key dates.

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Over the course of the Tony award-winning musical, In the Heights, we encounter the many colorful residents of Washington Heights -- a New York City neighborhood on the brink of change. Usnavi, a first generation Dominican-American corner bodega owner, and his friends and family are dealing with the pressures of rising rents and closing neighborhood businesses.



As one family struggles to figure out how to pay for an Ivy League tuition for their brilliant and hard working daughter, a young woman is trying to put a down payment on a new apartment, and Usnavi himself is trying to get back to the Dominican Republic to reconnect with his roots after the death of his parents. In Washington Heights, community is everything, and we see how each of these individuals struggles to survive and how these same individuals come together as a community to mourn their losses and rejoice in their triumphs. Over the course of the show, we see the hard-working residents of Washington Heights grapple with love and lust, identity and racism, all while the prospect of a winning lottery ticket hangs in the air, potentially changing the livelihoods of the people and the community forever.


This revolutionary new musical combines Latin rhythms and dance with hip-hop lyrics to tell a captivating story about what it means to chase your dreams as you cling to your roots, and to celebrate the community from which you grew


17th and 18th July 2021 - Workshop Weekend - Christopher Rawlins Primary School

7th August 2021 till 15th August 2021 - YOBOS week - Wykham Theatre


YOBOS week is what all the workshops have been leading up to! One week to put on a fully staged, fully costumed and fully orchestrated musical. Throughout the week, the cast will learn the direction, choreography and music whilst helping our backstage members with building the set, preparing props and anything else that goes into making a musical!


YOBOS week takes place at Wykham Theatre at Banbury Academy. With over 200 seats, a fully operational lighting rig and a large stage, Wykham Theatre has been YOBOS home since the groups creation! 



Saturday 7th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Sunday 8th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Monday 9th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Tuesday 10th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Wednesday 11th Aug - 10am till 6.00pm

Thursday 12th Aug - 10am till 10.30pm

At 5pm all YOBOS members will receive a pizza for tea. At 6pm, the cast will get into costume and makeup and begin a dress rehearsal at 7.30pm

Friday 13th Aug - 10am till 10.30pm

Throughout the day, we will prepare for the show. At 6pm, the cast will get into costume and makeup and begin the show at 7.30pm

Saturday 14th Aug - 12pm till 10.30pm

YOBOS members will arrive midday and get into costume and makeup. They will then perform their matinee show at 2.30pm. After the show, they will have a break and then prepare for their final show at 7.30pm

Sunday 15th Aug - 12.00pm till 6.00pm

YOBOS members will clear the hall and takedown all set. Once this is done, the production team will thank those who were involved and give out gifts. They will then announce next year's show! After this, we will have a BBQ to celebrate and play some games! 


YOBOS isn't just for performers! We have a whole host of young talent behind the scenes as well. YOBOS is proud to be a group for young people, by young people.


We have places open for anyone who wishes to be involved in our shows, but not necessarily on the stage. These roles include:

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Backstage Management

  • Band Members

  • Set Design

  • Hair

  • Makeup

  • Costume

  • Publicity

  • Front of House

  • Production Assistant

  • Anything else YOU can think of!

If this appeals to you, then please come along to one of our events to speak to us. You can also  contact us on Facebook, or email us!